Tubes and pipes made using ITIB Machinery production lines meet the complex requirements of a market which includes diverse application sectors and fields, such as:

_ wire protection (in the building, telecommunications and car industry);

_ draining, suction and severo;

_ pipe protection in heating systems and water pollution removal plants;

_ household appliances;

_ medical devices.

Each application field is characterized by specific requirements and standards.

Year after year, we build on our experience and develop the most appropriate solutions for each of them. For instance, studying corrugation profiles that can lead to save material while preserving mechanical properties; adopting special shapes fitted with sleeves that may be helpful when joining parts, and so forth.

For many years now we have begun to focus on extrusion lines for the production of double-wall pipes which have gained ground because of their features which give high mechanical strength, low weight, quick installation, satisfactory flexibility and continuous internal surfaces, characteristics which allows for both wire insertion or easily flowing liquid applications.