Up to 125 mm, the corrugators feature a closed structure. Steel dies move along cooled slides by means of a single gear located either in the upper or in the lower part of the machine; there is no connection between the dies themselves.

The basic features of these machines include ease of use, great strength and accurately made parts, thus ensuring good endurance and high-quality finished products.

Models F250, F315, F400, F700 and F1200, however, are characterized by an open structure designed for easy access to all the mechanical components of the corrugating system.

In this configuration the moulds are fixed to supports which move along a fixed path by means of two synchronized gears, both located in the upper part of the machine; once again there are no connections between the moulds.

In order to achieve an hourly output as high as possible, all moulds are made of anodized aluminum and have a direct cooling system. Also, they are mounted on their supports in such a way that size changes can be performed very rapidly.

All models are automatically lubricated; service is almost unnecessary or extremely low.

Vacuum-assisted moulding is possible with small and large corrugating systems alike; benefits include a better distribution of the material, a higher output, a better surface appearance on large-diameter pipes, the possibility to produce different shapes and to insert in-line cables or smooth pipes.

L’accesso all’area riservata permetterà la consultazione di manuali e la possibilità di approfondire le caratteristiche tecniche dei macchinari ed è consentito solo ai clienti.

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