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High Performance and no compromise corrugator for the production of single and double-wall PE, PP, PVC pipes from 30mm I.D. up to 200mm O.D.

It has its main application in the production of double-wall underground cable ducting pipes for infrastructure but in single-wall PVC pipes for drainage in agriculture as well.

Faster and more advanced model of ITIB Machinery historical model FV250, still in ITIB machinery range of machines, of which the FV200 keeps some general features.

To reach the high performance requested nowadays by a very competitive market, several new solutions have been adopted.

Common features to FV250 corrugators are:

  • Open design for easy access to parts
  • Direct cooling with water flowing inside the moulds
  • Aluminium moulds for high heat transfer
  • Moulds fixed to hardened steel supports
  • Mould fixed to holder with a single bolt for fast changeover
  • Single drive for both left/right chains for perfect moulds alignment
  • Vacuum forming system as a standard with variable speed pump for energy saving
  • Automatic lubrication with timer
  • Corrugator sliding on rails for easy access to die-set during start-up
  • Up/down, left/right sides adjustment for perfect centring
  • Safety protections for safe corrugator handling


New FV200 features are:

  • Maximum mechanical speed up to 35m/min
  • Optimized cooling channels length for maximum performance
  • Reduced mould closing area for short die-length
  • Wide range of pipes from 30mm I.D. up to 200mm O.D.
  • Double cavity moulds in the 40-75 diameters range
  • Single drive for both left/right chains for perfect moulds alignment
  • Double torque limiter on the gear-boxes shaft
  • Accessible cooling water hoses for limited maintenance
  • Emergency push back electrical motor with ball bearing screw
  • UPS unit to face power failure and allow movement of key parts
  • User friendly interface for parameters setting and production control
  • Position auto setting of upper vacuum bar based on moulds size
  • Moulds temperature setting and control is available as an option
  • Corrugator position control device is available as an option
  • Industry 4.0 ready



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