ITIB MACHINERY INT’L has been operating worldwide manufacturing corrugators and ancillary equipments since1960.

Manufacture has covered a wide range of products which are incorporated in extrusion lines and ancillary equipments.

The range includes: Air cooled corrugators, Water cooled corrugators, Blow forming system corrugators, Vacuum forming system corrugators, Extrusion heads for single and double wall corrugated pipe, Cooling tanks, Pullers, Vertical cutting units, Rotating cutting units, Coilers with manual strapping, Fully automatic coilers, Perforators for drainage pipes, Complete lines, TURN-KEY projects.

ITIB Machinery can supply plants for the production of single-wall tubes and pipes made of PE, PP, PVC, PA, EVA, PVDF, etc., as well as double and triple-wall ones made of PE, PVC and PP.

For all the pipe types two moulding systems are available. In blow-molding, low-pressure air enters the extruder head and pushes the material into the moulds; in vacuum-assisted molding there is no internal ‘plug’ since the material is sucked towards the corrugation moulds by the vacuum coming from the slots machined within the mould profile.

Vacuum-assisted moulding can prove particularly useful for large double-wall pipes, since it provides a more effective distribution of the material as well as a better final outward appearance.

We can supply corrugating systems for pipes with interior diameters greater than 4.5 mm and exterior diameter ranging up to 1200 mm.