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Extrusion die-heads and die-sets

The die-head is connected to the extruder by an adapter and conveys the plastic material to the die-set.

Depending on the type of pipe and application, they can be divided in:

  • die-head for single-wall pipes
  • die-head for double-wall pipes
  • die-head for multi-layer pipes
  • cross die-head for pipe coating
  • cross-head for cables and pipe in-line insertion.

They are in nickel coated steel for PE, PP, PA and in chrome coated steel for PVC.

In case double-wall or multi-layer pipes one adapter for each wall/layer is necessary.

They can be connected to small co-extruders for identification lines or thin layer coating as well.

Different sizes of die-head are used depending on the pipe range.

They are supplied complete of ceramic heating-bands

The die-set is connected to the die-head and its size and shape depends on the pipe size and application.

In general, one die-set for each pipe diameter is necessary.

In case of medium-big sizes and close pipe dimensions, it is possible to change the tips of the die-set only (terminal dies), to reduce the changeover time.

Same as for the die-head, there are:

  • die-set for single-wall pipes
  • die-set for double-wall pipes
  • die-set for oval single/double-wall pipes.

In case of double-wall, a cooling mandrel for the inner layer completes the die-set.



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