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Cooling tank and pullers

The cooling tank is placed after the corrugator and used to increase the production speed of an extrusion line up to 25%.

The main application is in extrusion lines to produce single-wall PE, PP conduits for building and PE, PP double-wall pipes in infrastructure.

In general, it can be used in all circumstances when to increase the output is necessary.

The cooling tank is made in stainless steel and water spraying nozzles are placed along the channel.

It comes in three, four, six meters lengths, depending on the application and in different sizes as well, depending on the range of pipes to cool.

It is complete of:

  • water recirculating pump,
  • heat exchanger to work in a closed cooling loop
  • air blower to remove the water and dry the pipe.

One set of sealing rings is normally supplied for each diameter.

The puller is placed after the cooling tank and pulls the pipe through it.

It can be assembled on the frame of the tank or supplied in a standalone configuration.

It is composed by vertical or horizontal pulling belts, moved by a.c. motor with inverter.

The pulling length depends on the size of the pipes.

The belts can open and close to fit to the pipe diameter.

One set of guiding bushes is normally supplied for each diameter.

It is supplied complete of safety protections.




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